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The Life of Andrew Knight

Andrew Knight was born in Denver, Colorado. At a young age his family moved to New Canaan, Connecticut where Andrew went to high school. An excellent student, Andrew graduated with honors. In addition to his academic excellence, Andrew also excelled at sports during high school. Andrew was a stand out on his high school baseball team.

He also volunteered with many kinds of service groups throughout his years in high school. One such endeavor was the Fill in the Blanks Club, which collected donations and obtained funding for lower-income families in need of food. The club also managed to reduce their lunch costs.

Since then, Andrew has volunteered as a coach for youth baseball teams in the New Canaan area. Helping children improve their baseball skills, like fielding, throwing and hitting, is a rewarding experience for Andrew.

After high school, Andrew chose to attend Skidmore College in New York. A current student at the university, Andrew Knight plays for the university's baseball team while he works toward his bachelor's degree in finance and business. He hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps one day.

His studies and his baseball obligations take up much of his time, but when he has time he enjoys skiing with his family, watching sports, reading, swimming, playing golf and spending time with his friends. To know more visit


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