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Andrew Knight of New Canaan: An Active Community Volunteer

Andrew Knight of New Canaan, CT has demonstrated his dedication to improving the community he lives in on numerous occasions throughout his life. As a generous individual who enjoys helping others, he has participated in several volunteer programs over the years, such as the Fill in the Blanks Club. The organization operates with the objective of helping to provide food for families in need. As a key leader of the club, Andrew was responsible for facilitating fundraisers and collecting donations from stores and businesses in the community.

In addition to managing the Fill in the Blanks Club, Andrew also made a point to volunteer with kids in his community. He assisted with coaching the youth baseball team in hopes of helping and encouraging young players in their efforts to build their skills and become better baseball players.

Throughout his summer vacations, Andrew held a variety of different jobs that helped him learn the value of a dollar. He worked diligently as a dog walker and an intern at a marketing organization. Being a highly active individual who yearns to broaden his work experience and improve his skill set, Andrew likes to keep busy by engaging in extra circular opportunities whenever he has the time. To know more visit here:


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