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The Life Goals of Andrew Knight

Updated: May 3, 2019

Andrew Knight currently attends Skidmore College in New York. There he plays for the university baseball team. He loves the sport and plans to play throughout his college career. He is majoring in business and finance but as of yet is uncertain of exactly what career path he wants to pursue. He does hope to land a job in New York City when he gets his bachelor’s degree. This is one of many goals that Andrew has for his life.

Another goal is to travel more often. University life has him very busy, between studies and sports, so Andrew has not been able to travel as often as he would like. After college, however, he plans to make up for lost time. With his life ahead of him, he would like to explore the globe, both as a vacationer

and for his work.

Andrew strives for excellence in everything he does. His father is a successful businessman and has taught Andrew the importance of hard work, ethics and perseverance. One day Andrew plans on putting all he has learned, at college and at home, to work for him in the business world. He longs to be a successful businessman just like his father.


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