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Andrew Knight’s Accomplishments

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Although Andrew Knight is young, he has made a great number of achievements throughout his life thus far. One of Andrew's most notable accomplishments was earning a spot on the honor roll when he graduated from New Canaan High School in 2017. He worked diligently to maintain his grade point average continuously throughout his time in school while also finding time to play on the school's baseball team. Andrew's hard work and dedication allowed him to build his skills and become a talented member of his teams.

Nowadays, Andrew Knight New Canaan is working on his bachelor's degree in finance and business at Skidmore University in New York. After he graduates from college, he hopes to obtain a job in New York City and begin building a career for himself in the finance industry. One of his main goals right now is to continue studying in order to maintain his excellent grade point average, as this will allow him to set the foundation of success for his future.

In addition to his commitment to his education, Andrew has been instrumental to the success of his baseball teams throughout the years. As a talented catcher, he plans to play baseball throughout college and continue participating in the sport as long as he can. To know more about him visit here:


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